European Company Lawyers Review 2024/25

The European Company Lawyers Review 2024/25 is a comprehensive overview of the respective ECLA member association countries and beyond, giving an in-depth look into the legal developments affecting company lawyers across Europe and enabling the readers the opportunity to compare jurisdictions and their impact. It provides for a regulatory overview of the status of corporate counsel and for jurisdictional insights on case law, legal developments, and other developments concerning the in-house counsel profession, serving as a milestone for in-house counsel advocacy across Europe.


Editors: Marcus M. Schmitt, Jonathan Marsh

Project Management: Marten Männis, Marcus M. Schmitt
Year of Release: 2024


Authors: Marc Beyens, Dr. Clarissa Freundorfer, Masahiro Homma, Aare Kruuser, Marion Lupin, Marten Männis, Jonathan Marsh, Javier Ramirez, Christophe Roquilly, Marcus M. Schmitt, Alexandra Tiedeman, 
Herman Van Hecke, Erik Normann Warberg, Duncan Weston