Wolfgang Pichler
Ambassador Österreich
European Legal Technology Association
Wolfgang Pichler looks back on a long experience in the legal industry. As the person responsible for publishing and marketing at the leading legal publisher in Austria – MANZ – he has profound knowledge of the market. MANZ is a founding partner and today the sole owner of the RDB legal database (since 1986); thus, Wolfgang Pichler was able to contribute to the digitalization of legal services at an early stage.

For several years, he has been working full-time on LegalTech, startups, and the application of modern search methods in legal databases, with his main focus on the combination of technology and user expectations.

In his current function of a Chief Evangelist, he represents Manz in numerous associations and organizations, and at startup accelerators his main focus is on sharpening business cases and customer promises.

Wolfgang Pichler is a member of the management circle of both the operational MANZ Verlagsgesellschaft and the MANZ Holding company.